Klaykit-Disney (Mickey Mouse - Christmas Edition)


by KlayKit®

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Introducing Disney Mickey Mouse edition - A Christmas Special! 

For the first time ever
 KlayKit® has launched clay based educational toys in association with Disney!

Besides learning foundational knowledge of working with clay to create your very own Mickey/Minnie bowl, discover more about the uniqueness of winter in this Christmas Special box! 

This edition comes with a Surprise cookie cutter to create your very own Christmas ornaments for this holiday season!

Perfect as a gift or to decorate your room!

Check out How our KLAYKIT® helps to Educate your Children!


 Learning through creative activities using the KLAYKIT® is a hands-on clay Singapore experience that engages emotions and stimulates creative expression. 

Key Benefits:

  • Learn Through Play
  • Family Bonding
  • Creativity Of The Mind
  • Object Permanence
  • Focus & Attention
  • Connect With Nature


 Neuroscience researchers are already producing materials that provide ideas to improve teaching and learning processes. Studies of memory formation and retrieval suggest that the incorporation of the creative arts can enhance memory and attention levels. Strategies for developing opportunities to promote the interaction of educators, artists, technologists, and scientists in labs and as mentors to each other offer exciting possibilities for bringing neuroscience and education together.