KlayKit® Back-to-Basics and 1 month of PlayBox™

by Klay Kit

Welcome to the KlayKit® Back-to-Basics and the PlayBox™! This is your educational revolution packaged in a box. The Back-to-basics is your starter's kit to grasping the foundational knowledge of working with clay and keeps you and your child occupied on a weekly basis for a month. If you are looking for a family bonding activity, this is the perfect product for you and your child to do together and learn from each other! Be prepared to be blown away by the creativity that this series is a catalyst for. Each box contains a manual, tools and the accessories necessary for you to create your craft project as well as insights into the science behind our recommendations in taking on the craft project. KlayKit® was born out of our NeuroCeramics® curriculum, which we run as weekly sessions for children in the education system all over Singapore to introduce content in a fun way for children from all walks of life. With the KlayKit® Back-to-Basics in hand, you can then look forward to future subscriptions of the thematically designed PlayBox™ covering a variety of subject matter that snowball the learning experience as limitless and fun. The PlayBox™ includes themes like Seasons on Earth, Understanding the Universe, and Nature. Take your pick now, and bring a whole load of fun into your living room! Immediate sale available in Singapore only.