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BuzzLight Year Edition (Worth $39.90)

Introducing Disney/Pixar’s Toy Story, the Buzz Lightyear edition - the FIRST KlayKit® edition in collaboration with The Walt Disney Company!

This special edition of the KlayKit® is designed to provide a sensorial experience. Learn how to create the Solar System with our KlayKit® Disney Edition! Let your creative juices flow and travel the galaxy with your very own Buzz Lightyears✨ 

Join Buzz Lightyear in a Space Ranger Adventure to discover unique facts about the planets! Children will then get to create their very own 3D mini solar system using high-quality and safe air-dry clay.

KlayKit Mini Series:

KlayKit-Mini-Dinosaur Edition:(Worth $24.90)
Learn how to create this dinosaur pot with our KlayKit Mini - Dinosaur Edition! Let your creative juices flow and personalise your dinosaur pot with the acrylic paint provided in the kit! ✨

KlayKit-Mini-Mermaid Edition:(Worth $24.90)

Create a clay mermaid bowl with your children ! Use it as an ornament for your , to decorate your room with this creative, D-I-Y masterpiece this holiday season.

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