How Clay Enhances Learning

Learn Through Play

The KlayKit® is designed to encourage play-based experiences.

Family Bonding

The KlayKit® includes sensorial cues for your children to discover their environment using clay, as well as nuggets of knowledge about different topics. This allows you to be an active part of their learning, and provides you with unique insights on how they learn.

It also makes for a fun, engaging activity to do together!


Creativity Of The Mind

As your children craft their projects out of self-expression, the tactile cognitive element, or a direct touch-to-brain activation is stimulated, creating new neural pathways in the brain and stimulating abstract thinking and problem solving.

Object Permanence

Using clay Singapore as a medium for your children to learn is multi-layered and has a long-lasting impact.

The tangible, functional masterpieces they create become an extension of their learning and understanding.

Focus & Attention

Clay has the highest tactile cognition factor among all other similar applied art forms. It boosts your children’s concentration levels as they focus on building with their hands.

Hand building techniques improves coordination and fine motor skills.

Connect With Nature

Clay is a natural element, and has a grounding effect. It is a malleable medium and moves as instructed by your children’s hands. Working with clay is therapeutic and calming.