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Introducing KlayKit Mini

Clay Singapore: The KlayKit® Mini is a clay-based product designed to provide corporates a sensorial experience of leadership.

This mobile, pint-sized kit meets the growing demand of companies looking for hands on, creative solutions to stimulate productivity within their corporate structures.

It is a versatile tool, and provides a fun, novel approach to team building, leadership, work-life balance and many more possibilities.

KlayKit Mini
Increases Productivity

Research has shown that clay has the highest tactile cognition factor and touch-to-brain activity. Pairing the medium of clay with unique and meaningful inquiries helps boost creativity, self-expression, and effectiveness at the workplace.

Using the KlayKit® Mini is a multi-sensorial, hands-on experience that enhances attention and focus. The design provides a unique element of cohesiveness and engagement, and the tangible, functional masterpieces created become an extension of that experience.

Put the KlayKit® into action as a fun team bonding activity, for ice breakers at corporate events, or simply keep it at your desk for inspiration and motivation!

KlayKit Mini @ Work

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