Optimise learning content with sensorial engagement by 173%!

What KlayKit® going digital means for the world

We have now innovated to enable our lessons to effectively allow learning to happen in the comfort of your homes. We have paired our content with digital facilitation and the KlayKit® for sensorial engagement so that learning can be a meaningful and immersive process. 

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What we have found based on evidence and research

After working with over 120,000 children and 300 educational institutes, we have found that our unique NeuroEd Method™ pedagogy increases focus, attention, cognitive and learning abilities by 173% compared to other traditional forms of learning.

The NeuroEd Method™ pedagogy is based on a field of study called Neuroeducation, which is a subset of Neuroscience. Research in this field indicate that the brain optimally learns when sensorial mediums are used to understand content. They have found through MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) studies that neurons (brain cells) connect very differently in the aforementioned setting indicating that the biological imprints of learning lasts longer.