KlayKit Tutorials: Sun Disc Keychain

Clay Singapore: Create this sun disc with our new KlayKit - Understanding the Universe themed playbox! 

To create this sun disc, flatten out your clay and carve out the shape of a circle and 8 triangles! Attach the triangle to the circle and be sure to blend it well! Next, let your creative juices flow and personalise your sun disc by decorating your sun disc! You can add a ring around it or create patterns on the triangles!  ✨

Lastly, poke a hole through the disc and attach a key ring to transform your clay creation into a accessory! We recommend that you attach your key ring into your clay creation as soon as you complete it before the clay dries up, to prevent it from breaking!

Start creating and turn your clay project into a functional keepsake that will trigger memories and these very experiences year on! 💕

Watch how we created the sun disc keychain with this step by step tutorial video below!

 Clay Singapore: KlayKit® is a clay-based educational game box that contains all the essential ingredients needed for children to get started on their creative clay journey, or ‘Klaytivity’.

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